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About Us

Our Vision

What is hEDGE?

Founded in 2011 at the University of Waterloo, hEDGE is one of Canada’s leading student-organized undergraduate financial service conferences. hEDGE offers delegates a comprehensive outlook into both sell-side and buy-side finance through the six pillars of capital markets: Asset Management, Equity & Debt research, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Sales & Trading, and Venture Capital. This year, hEDGE will also be introducing risk management & fintech as focuses for the conference. hEDGE partners with top financial institutions to provide its delegates with the opportunity to learn from and connect with professionals in the finance industry. hEDGE’s vision is to inspire and educate the next generation of leaders in global capital markets.


hEDGE will be hosting pre-screened delegates in downtown Toronto for a jam-packed conference. Each year, hEDGE attracted a wide array of corporate sponsors and guests including: The Big 5 Canadian banks, CPPIB, GMP Securities, OTPP, Citt, Oliver Wyman. The roster of past keynote speakers include: Darryl White, Group Head & CEO of BMO Capital Markets, Mark Wiseman, President and CEO of CPPIB, Mike DurlandGroup Head & CEO of Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets, Bashir Todai, Partner at Oliver Wyman, Anthony Scilipoti, President & CEO of Veritas Investment Research, Paul Langill, COO of TD Securities


The Conference provides exclusive events hosted by top-tier sponsors, comprehensive workshops in all six pillars of capital markets, extensive networking opportunities with industry professionals, and a case competition that gauges delegates’ technical and presentation skills. hEDGE aims to ensure that every delegate has something to take away from the experience. In 2018, hEDGE intends to continue the excellence achieved in past conferences and looks to extend its roots in the undergraduate finance community.



Our History

The University of Waterloo is known for its outstanding roots in accounting with a developing focus on finance. Students at the University’s School of Accounting and Finance noticed the imbalance between the initiatives and course offerings of each field, and while accounting bodies and firms had already established strong ties to the school, a growing interest and demand for opportunities in finance arose. Thus, the vision of hEDGE emerged.


hEDGE has grown exponentially over the past five years. With humble beginnings as single-day initiative based hosted at the University, hEDGE quickly became a national force attracting prestigious sponsors and talented students alike.


Past hEDGE delegates and executives have moved on to achieve coveted positions in various areas of global capital markets. Please visit the alumni page to view profiles and connect.

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Asset Management

The Asset Management workshops bring delegates face-to-face with various money managers, ranging from pension funds and bank-owned asset management arms to hedge funds. Speakers discuss the concept of Asset Management, investor wealth-generation techniques, potential career opportunities within the industry, and the requirements for success in this line of business.

Equity & Debt Research

These workshops collaborate with bank-owned research units, independent research firms, and credit-rating agencies to cover an overview of the impact of research on sales & trading, research and analysis strategies for purposes of investor recommendations, and the required competencies of a strong research analyst.

Private Equity

Firms hosting the Private Equity workshop provide a holistic view of the industry, arming delegates with a greater understanding of how it functions, various value-generating investment strategies used in Private Equity, examples of past and present investments under the portfolios of these firms, and overall career guidance in this sector.

Investment Banking

The Investment Banking workshops are facilitated by bankers from various bank-owned divisions on Bay Street. Delegates will be able to develop a stronger understanding about the role of investment bankers in capital markets, the competencies and responsibilities required as part of the role, and will be given valuable career advice about entering this dynamic field.

Sales & Trading

These workshops give delegates a hands-on experience by allowing them to explore what it means to work on a bustling trading floor. Industry speakers will provide delegates with an overview of the participants in this sector, the different financial products and instruments offered, key success qualities, and essential preparation techniques for a career in this field.

Venture Capital

The Venture Capital workshops are hosted by venture capital firms who provide valuable insight that is generally unobtainable in an academic environment regarding the industry. Presenters at each firm will provide walkthroughs of the process surrounding vetting and selecting companies for investment and will provide crucial advice in terms of industry opportunities.



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