hEDGE Finance Conference | Canada’s leading undergraduate finance conference
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Founded in 2011 at the University of Waterloo, hEDGE is one of Canada’s leading student-organized undergraduate financial service conferences. hEDGE offers delegates a comprehensive outlook into both sell-side and buy-side finance through the six pillars of capital markets: Asset Management, Equity & Debt research, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Sales & Trading, and Venture Capital. This year, hEDGE will also be introducing risk management & fintech as focuses for the conference. hEDGE partners with top financial institutions to provide its delegates with the opportunity to learn from and connect with professionals in the finance industry. hEDGE’s vision is to inspire and educate the next generation of leaders in global capital markets.

Our mission is to engage top students across Canada and equip them with the essential exposure to break into the financial services industry. hEDGE aims to help students establish an informed path to a future career in investment banking, sales & trading, asset management, equity and debt research, private equity, or venture capital. Since 2011, we have grown from a one-day event to a premier multi-day conference. We thank all our firm and education partners for their continued generosity and support in turning our ideas into reality each year. We are absolutely thrilled to see what we can achieve with hEDGE 2018!

Raghav Gupta and Su Sin
Asset Management

The Asset Management workshops bring delegates face to face with various money managers, from various pension funds and bank-owned asset management arms to hedge funds. Speakers discuss what asset management is like, how they generate wealth for investors, potential career opportunities within the industry, and what it takes to be successful in this line of business.

Equity & Debt Research

In the past, Equity/Debt Research workshops involved bank-owned research units, independent research firms, and credit rating agencies. The content covered included an overview of the impact of research on sales and trading, strategies in researching and analyzing companies to generate investment recommendations, and the competencies needed to become a strong research analyst.

Investment Banking

The Investment Banking workshops are facilitated by bankers from various bank-owned dealers on Bay Street. Delegates will develop a stronger understanding about the role of investment bankers in the capital markets, the competencies and responsibilities required in this role, and hear valuable career advice about breaking into this dynamic field.

Private Equity

The Private Equity workshop provides a holistic view of the industry. Delegates will walk away with a greater understanding of how the industry works, different investment strategies utilized to generate value for investors, examples of current and past investments under the firm’s portfolio, and career guidance in the sector.

Sales & Trading

The Sales and Trading workshops put delegates right in the middle of all of the action by allowing them to explore what it means to work on a bustling trading floor. Industry speakers will give an overview of S&T and its participants, the different financial products that banks offer, what qualities are key to becoming successful in these positions, and how to start preparing for a career in this field.

Venture Capital

The Venture Capital workshops are hosted by venture capital firms who provide valuable insight into various parts of the industry. Delegates will experience a holistic view of the space, one not otherwise obtained in an academic environment. Presenters at each firm will walk through the process involved in vetting and selecting companies for investment as well as offering crucial advice on opportunities in the industry.


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